May 2nd 2019 Local Election Candidate: Bryan Tyler

A Message from Fletton and Stanground Conservative Candidate, Bryan Tyler

Some of you may remember I stood as Conservative Candidate for the Fletton and Stanground Ward in the 2018 elections. I am standing again in May because I value this ward and know what a great place it once was. I would like to see improvements made to this area so we can continue to be proud of our community.

I was born in Fletton and have many ties to the area. I work in Stanground and I see every day how parts of the area are blighted by littering, fly-tipping, speeding and other anti-social problems. We need to work together as a community to sort out these issues. To do this we need Councillors who understand how important it is to engage and work with residents, local businesses and Officers from the Council to make necessary changes. I enjoy supporting people and that is why I have worked to support Peterborough residents for years.

I love being involved in community projects, programmes and activities that are designed to support individuals and make a positive difference to their lives. It frustrates me to see graffiti, fly-tipping and littering and I get annoyed that areas are being neglected and left to decay. This is why we need a change in Fletton and Stanground. I am pushing for additional funding to be used in Fletton and Stanground to tackle problem potholes and I want to see stronger fines against hose responsible for littering our streets with rubbish and waste. If you want to see real changes in Fletton and Stanground, please vote for me on Thursday 2nd May.

Yours sincerely

Bryan Tyler