May 2nd 2019 local election candidate: Peter Hiller

A message from Councillor Peter Hiller, seeking re-election in Glinton and Castor Ward

Since 2006 you’ve elected me five times to serve as your ward councillor, with substantially increased majorities on every occasion. I think this is because we work well together and you trust me to always act decisively to protect and improve the villages where we live.

You might be aware of just how much we’ve achieved together in our ward over the last 13 years. Despite years of swingeing local government funding cuts we’ve still secured investment for our village halls and for our vibrant community associations. We’ve installed new bus shelters and improved street lighting. We’ve managed to keep the front-line rural bus services relevant and protected our valued mobile library service, alongside keeping our villages’ roads maintained and safe and quickly moved-on persistent Gypsy and Traveller pitches and the rubbish they leave behind.

If re-elected I’ll continue to work with our wards’ communities, Parish Councils and council services to tackle the problems you tell me affect you the most. I will be lobbying to increase the grass cutting frequency in our ward – and have the cuttings collected! Our rural fly-tipping blight will also be high on my agenda and I am working with the council’s new waste company handling this problem ongoing. Keeping our ward’s villages the safest in Peterborough is also a priority and I’ll continue to be very proactive working with our council’s officers, our elected Police and Crime Commissioner and rural policing team.

We all love where we live and want to protect and enhance our precious rural way of life, for us and those future generations to come.

Yours very sincerely

Peter Hiller

Conservative Candidate for Glinton and Castor Ward including the villages of Ailsworth, Castor, Deeping gate, Etton, Glinton, Marholm, Maxey, Northborough and Peakirk