Orton Longueville Councillors Lead Local Fight

Orton Longueville Councillors Graham Casey, Janet Goodwin and Pam Winslade have been working hard to combat a recent wave of problems in the Ward. There have been several arson incidents in the Wingfield area, along with a spate of thefts of lead from the roofs of local properties. Local resident and Orton Longueville Councillor Pam Winslade said:

"Arson is a mindless crime and thankfully no one was hurt. We have held recent meetings with both the Police and Fire Service, and are pleased to report that progress is being made to catch the culprits."

On the subject of the lead thefts; there has been some progress here and the Police have now made arrests.

Unauthorised encampments by travellers have also been an issue of late and your local Councillors have taken the necessary steps to try and resolve the problem. Speaking jointly, Councillors Graham Casey and Janet Goodwin commented:

"You will no doubt have seen the defensive bunds that are under construction in Wildlake. Thankfully, the recent rain has encouraged some green shoots and these will eventually make for a more aesthetically pleasing and secure green area. Orton Malborne is the current focus of attention and we are intending to secure access points at the earliest opportunity.

If you have a concern for your Orton Longueville Councillors then please feel free to email office@nwcambridgeshireconservatives.co.uk with your views.