About us

We are the local Conservative Party for North West Cambridgeshire parliamentary constituency, which is the second largest constituency in the Country, in terms of geographical area, measuring 38 miles from top to bottom!

It comprises the northern part of Huntingdonshire; including Sawtry, Ramsey, Warboys and Stilton, together with the southerly part of Peterborough. In a westerly direction, the consituency extends as far as Keyston from Ellington with the southerly bounday extending as far as Stow Longa.

If you would like to become more involved with your local Conservatives, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our Parliamentary Candidate is Mr Shailesh Vara who was first elected in 2005, replacing the long serving Lord Mawhinney.

Our officers are as follows:-

President - Cllr Peter Hiller

Vice President - Cllr Graham Bull

Chairman - Gavin Elsey

Deputy Chairman Membership - Claire Guyton

Deputy Chairman Political - Sheila Scott

Treasurer - Michael Perkins

Secretary - Jane King