10 Participants needed for research on local communities in Fletton on Friday 2nd August at The Fleet.

The University Centre Peterborough (UCP) is conducting research for Peterborough Council’s Integrated Communities Strategy.

They are holding focus groups across Peterborough to understand how residents feel about their local area as well as their contact and interactions with people from different backgrounds. This might be people from a different age group; ethnicity; religion; or even socio-economic background to them. We also seek resident’s views on how we can make Peterborough a place where everybody has the opportunity to get involved and gets along with each other.

The focus groups will last between 40mins and 1 hour and during this time you will be asked a range of questions about you and your community.

Participants will also receive a £10 Amazon Voucher for participating in the focus group.

The answers you provide will be collated with the responses of nine other focus groups being conducted and analysed by researchers at UCP. The findings will inform the strategy Peterborough City Council and its partners develop towards community integration going forward.

If you are 18 and over and a resident of the Fletton area and would like to take part in the first session in the constituency, please email Dr Timothy Hall: timothy.hall@peterborough.ac.uk