Vara Opens Hampton Vale Community Centre

The Centre will be used for a variety of activities by local residents, groups and sports clubs in the Hamptons area. The Centre has a number of rooms and two large halls which can be used separately or combined to provide seating for over 250 people.

Mr Vara said: -

“This is an important milestone for residents in the Hampton area and I was delighted to have been asked to open this Community Centre.

“The Centre and its facilities have been provided to meet the needs of the local community. This is a major asset for the residents and I very much hope that the facilities will be well used. I am particularly pleased that they are child-friendly.”

Mr Roger Tallowin, General Manager of O&H Hampton Ltd said: -

“This is an important development within the Hampton community and great news for everyone living in Hampton Vale.

“It’s a further step forward in establishing a strong, vibrant local community...this will be a focal point for all ages who live in this rapidly developing area.”